GGlace Philosophy

    G GLACE is a new concept in Italian handmade ice-cream shops, a new, modern ‘gelateria’ that breaks the mould of traditional ice-cream shop solutions. A plan whose aim is to spread Italy's superior ice-cream culture and the Italian lifestyle. A partnership of excellence for a ‘gelateria’ destined to succeed.

    “Making good ice-cream has always been one of my greatest passions. This passion originated a brand, a high-level concept that identifies a high-quality ice-cream, enabling me to disseminate a style and a philosophy of life embodied by GGLACE. The good profit margins and well planned work encouraged me to make an important decision: to create a franchise to give everyone the chance to share with me this passion for the enjoyment of good ice-cream.”


    Great ingredients and great technique. Only by blending these two components do we get extraordinary results. There is one last secret, though, to making food sublime, something that can't be bought, something far more precious than a thousand pods of quality vanilla or the best hand-picked pistachios: passion. And this is something that all those involved in the GGlace project have in abundance.

    We created a place that inherently gives the idea of diving into a marvellous, deliciously smelling strawberry and chocolate ice-cream, endeavouring to whet the customers' emotional appetite from the moment they step inside, playing on moods and on the conjuring up of memories, rewarding them with a sense-tingling experience. The original input was then reinforced in the image, which is minimal and yet extremely welcoming, by paying painstaking attention to detail through shapes, colours, materials (steel, glass, resins) and design elements that we have conceived specially for these shops.


    The italian ice-cream tradition

    G GLACE offers painstakingly selected, classic, spiced and innovative flavours that change with the seasons, with a sole objective: to provide taste and health true to the ice-cream-making tradition

    • G GLACE
    • Made with highly prized Tahiti vanilla
    • Made to the strictest traditional recipe with organic eggs and full milk
    • Made from an infusion of coffee from Costa Rica 90% Arabian and 10% strong
    • Extremely rich house specialty made with cream and butter
    • Made with the best PGI hazelnuts from the Piedmont region
    • Made with Bronte pistachios
    • Made with milk and 70% Gobino chocolate
    • Made with rich milk and whole sour cherries

    Strawberry, Melon, Coconut, Peach, Apricot, Sorrento lemon, Citrus, Blackberry, Blueberry, Forest fruit.
    All the ice-creams in this category are sorbets prepared with fresh Italian fruit so the range can vary depending on what the market has to offer.

    • GINGER
    • Made with freshly grated ginger root
    • Made with sticks of pure cinnamon
    • EWE'S MILK RICOTTA with crushed toasted Piedmont hazelnuts
    • BRONTE PISTACHIO with extra virgin olive oil from Lake Garda
    • BASIL AND PINK SALT made with Himalayan pink salt
    • TORTELLO CREMASCO with crumbled Gallina amaretto biscuits
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    Nutritionists, naturopaths, doctors, and journalists weigh in on topics organic food.

    Eating there again soon!

    "Will definitely be eating there again soon, Good Taste and Great Price and very prompt service."

    Michel. Pennington, NJ

    Great Food and good taste

    "The Spice Lounge is a Great Food and good taste on many occasions I have gone for lunch there is always a reasonable crowd."

    David jacob Lawrenceville, NJ

    The service is great!

    "This is an awesome place to go for food and entertainment, Happy Hour is a must! The service is great! David does a great job, thank you! "

    Davis. Trenton, NJ

    Staff friendly good atmosphere.

    "Thank you for a wonderful evening. My Family had a memorable evening, Food is always great. Staff friendly good atmosphere, professional as ever and the food was fantastic. "

    Steve Jones. Princeton, NJ


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      Nutritionists, naturopaths, doctors, and journalists weigh in on topics organic food.

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      The Spice Lounge


      If you're interested in starting a successful business and opening a handmade ice-cream shop marked by all-Italian design anywhere in the world, contact us. Our franchising proposal is simple, transparent and extremely profitable.
      G GLACE offers you all the experience, quality and goodness of Italian ice-cream along with a ground-breaking modern image, full support and high profitability. All the best ingredients to get your 'gelateria' off to a successful start.


      Opening a G GLACE ice-cream shop is easy and doesn't require any special experience. All you need is to find or convert at least 30 sq m of commercial space located in a high-traffic area in the centre of a city with a population of at least 30,000 or in a modern shopping centre. Minor investment, pays for itself in no time, immediate profit results.

      Floor area of 30 to 80 sq m
      Catchment area: 30,000 inhabitants
      Most favourable location: city centre or modern shopping centres
      Experience in the business: none required
      Personnel needed: at least 2 people (including the owner)
      Relevant permits and licences
      Commercial or business licence

      Sole franchise in chosen area
      General technical advice
      Training course
      Assistance from one of our operators working alongside staff in newly opened shop
      Operational manual | Technical Manual | Franchisee Manual | Recipe Book
      Customized clothing in tune with the brand
      Ongoing online support

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      News & Events

      Mar 16 2015

      GGlace on "Il Giorno", national newspaper

      The opening of the first GGlace in Dharhan - South Arabia grabbed the attention of Italian national media, like the newspaper Il Giorno. Here is the article.

      feb 17 2015

      The first GGlace Arabia opening!

      A lot of emotions and a lot of people for the first GGlace Arabia opening. Here is some pictures of the unforgettable day.

      dic 20 2014

      GGlace's Christmas

      To celebrate Christmas, there’s nothing better than fancy GGlace panettone with tasty creams and chocolate and the new persimmon sherbet.

      dic 19 2014

      GGlace Arabia: preparations are underway

      GGlace's franchising project goes on with full steam. The opening of the first point-of-sale in Saudi Arabia is nigh: we'll fill you out with details very soon!

      dic 10 2014

      GGlace Press Review

      Many media have dealt with GGlace and its excellence. Here is some of the most significant items:
      Ristorarte N° 11 - 2007
      DHD Hospitality Nà 16 - 2008
      Bar Giornale n° 5 - 2009



      G GLACE

      Milano - Italy
      email: info@gglace.it  -  gglace.crema@gmail.com
      ph: +39 338 4986405

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